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Trust is important, which is why our entire range is certified.

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nitrile gloves

Examination Gloves

Ideal for Hospitals, Clinics, Homecares, Labs. The do not contain natural Latex and are an excellent alternative for those with allergies.

nitrile gloves for food

For Food Preparation

Our Gloves act as a barrier for germs by preventing the spread of food poisoning pathogens, and various strains of cold and flu viruses, making them essential in preventing food poisoning outbreaks.

nitrile gloves for mechanics


Our Disposable gloves will help protect mechanics from toxins penetrating their skin and avoid  chemical burn, irritation, swelling and  cancer.  

Our focus is to provide certified PPE equipment to all industry sectors

We're facing one of the most difficult periods in recent memory, but together, we'll pull through it. By focusing on strong, proven solutions to the spread of viruses, we're helping save lives together.

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